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    News — Swaypay

    Let's talk about Swaypay, baby

    Sister Rings in Gold and Diamonds

    Let's talk about a new and innovative method of payment now offered on our website. We currently accept all major credit cards, PayPal and Apple Pay and as of last week we are now offering Swaypay. Swaypay let's shoppers split their payment in part cash and part social media posts. It works by giving shoppers a discount based on their Instagram following as illustrated below.

    • <500 Instagram followers receive 10% off their purchase
    • 500-1000 Instagram followers receive 15% off their purchase
    • 1000+ Instagram followers receive 20% off their purchase
    • 1 post per cart item


    All items on our website now offer the opportunity to use Swaypay as a form of payment and you can check your savings simply by imputing your Instagram handle on the popup after selecting Swaypay. For example, let's say you've been waiting to buy the Athena Sister Ring but were waiting for a sale to purchase it. Well, now you have the option to buy it using Swaypay and receive a discount today. You can enter your Instagram handle and instantly see your discount. You will then have 30 days to post about the purchase to your feed and tag us.

    While the discount is the best motivator for using Swaypay, it also allows you to grow your influence by using your social media platform. Your posts are also a great way for a small business to grow brand awareness and reach people that they otherwise wouldn't. It's a win, win!

    If you have any questions about using Swaypay, please feel free to email us and let us know! We can't wait to see your Instagram posts!